The wardrobe is bursting with excess clothes, and you have nothing to wear?

We live in times of an excess of everything we can have: useful and useless things. Why? Because we do not know what we need and it is difficult for us to say goodbye to what we do not need. Many of us wardrobes are bursting at the seams and we really feel that we have nothing to wear.

What it comes from?

From many factors, such as the fact that, for example, half of these clothes have the “at home” category, the clothes do not match or we cannot compose them into sets, we have clothes that are too small, too large, that we do not like, or are on the market. special occasions and not every day. All is not lost. If you feel that what I am writing is close to you, you should like the idea of ​​a capsule wardrobe.

Build your perfect – dream – minimalist wardrobe and always know what to wear

What is a capsule wardrobe?

The idea was initiated by Susie Faux in London in the 1970s. According to her, it is a minimalist collection of basic clothes that can be supplemented with seasonal elements. The follow-up was Donna Karan (DKNY), who created a collection of capsules, which consisted of seven interchangeable items of clothing.

The capsule wardrobe meets the following criteria:

  • there are clothes in it that do not go out of fashion,
  • have classic cuts and create a universal base,
  • this base can be supplemented with seasonal elements,

It is a wardrobe in which you have a finite number of items of clothing of a given type:

  • tops: top, tshirt, blouse, sweater,
  • outerwear: jacket, coat
  • Bottoms: Skirt, Leggings, Pants
  • dresses
  • shoes

All chosen to maximize the number of outfits you can create without having to overload your clothes.

How to compose your own capsule wardrobe?

To create your own capsule wardrobe, start with the steps below. Remember that this is a PROCESS, A WAY:

1. Define your style

First of all, to build your perfect capsule wardrobe, you need to know your style, to know what you like and what you feel and look good in, you should carefully diagnose your needs. Often, when the new season comes, we like everything and lose our heads when we buy clothes that are unnecessary and do not fit for anything. If you have a problem with determining your style and would like to be minimalistic in building your wardrobe but you like everything around, try to start by building a minimalist base consisting of several things and check if this path is for you! See yourself in a white shirt and black pants and check how you feel then, if you like yourself. Replace black pants with jeans – is this style for you? Moodboards are helpful in assessing what we like, i.e. combinations with stylizations that do not include models, which helps to distract from what a given person looks like and focus on clothes instead of, for example, the model’s face or hairstyle.

2. Make a list of things you would like to have in your database

Do we need new things every season? Clothing purchases made according to a plan with a previously prepared list – controlled purchases free you from falling into the vortex of buying unnecessary things. Planning your wardrobe and creating a wish list will make you focus on the gradual completion of previously selected and thought-out items that will fit your wardrobe. Freeing oneself from this chaotic compulsion to buy in favor of greater minimalism in styling is cleansing and brings relief. On the one hand, you do not clutter your wardrobe with more clothes, on the other hand, you buy what you thought before and it gives you real pleasure.

When making a wish list to complete the database, it is worth remembering a few tips:

  • buy good quality clothes, thanks to which they will serve you longer than a few assumptions. How to know the quality?
    • Pay attention to the weight of the fabric (the thicker it is, the less translucent, more fleshy it will be), if you like elastic clothes, look for those with an addition of elastane
    • Material composition: materials such as acrylic, nylon, polyester are simply plastic in which you will sweat. Look for cotton, linen, rayon, viscose, modal and wool.
    • Is the material certified – the certificate proves whether the production is ecological (e.g. no chemicals were used to dye the fabric) and ethical (whether minors are involved in the production process, whether employees are fairly remunerated). Believe us, having in front of you several similar materials, e.g. cotton – you can feel which is low, which is high quality and which is certified. You too will feel it by putting on your clothes.
  • Choose clothes with simple, classic cuts – thanks to this, you will create more combinations and styles from them.
  • Avoid inscriptions, inserts, prints – for example, a black smooth pencil skirt is suitable for both sneakers, creating a sporty feel, but also high heels and a black tight blouse, creating a little black one. This is a great pit for experimenting.
  • Choose classic colors: black, white, beige, gray – to them you can always add a colorful accessory such as glasses, jewelry, scarf – if you feel that you want to liven up your stylization.
  • Adapt clothes to your body type.
  • It’s worth to like your body;) regardless of its size. Each of us can feel good with ourselves and we believe that for each type of figure you can create a capsule that facilitates the daily selection of styling.

When creating the base for a capsule wardrobe, it is worth starting with completing:

  • tops – short sleeve:
    • strap top,
    • tshirt white, black, gray
  • mountains – long sleeve:
    • longsleeve,
    • sweater,
    • a white shirt,
    • hoodie,
  • outerwear:
    • jacket,
    • coat,
    • denim / leather jacket,
  • pits:
    • maxi skirt,
    • midi skirt,
    • leggings,
    • classic black pants,
    • jeans tailored to the type of figure,
  • dress:
    • small black,
  • shoes:
    • moccasins,
    • flip-flops,
    • high-heeled shoes,
    • white sneakers,
    • boots,
  • seasonal items:
    • shorts,
    • hat,
    • seasonal shoes: boots, slippers

3. Be inspired

Look for instagram profiles that specialize in the subject of capsule wardrobe creation, check which styles arouse your greatest interest, write them down and try to recreate them.

And the last step that doesn’t end there – test, try, if you don’t like something – don’t keep it in your closet – sell it. Good quality clothes are included and can be given a second life.

4. Let us know how you are doing

Write in the comment what progress you are making, send photos – act and share the effects!

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